1. Honor those who gave all.

Memorial Day Services:

2. Visit a State Park

May we suggest the new Marias River State Park ? Follow the link for details and directions from the Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks' website. With the price of gas, our state parks offer a great vacation alternative for families on a tight budget.

3. Host a Block Party

Get to know your neighbors! Fire up a couple of barbeques, let each family bring their own meat and a potluck salad or dessert. Here's an interesting potato salad recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

4. Plant a Garden

And be sure the kids are involved. Let them pick their favorite vegetables (they aren't all yucky) and/or flowers, sow and tend their own little patch. This page from eartheasy.com has some great tips for kid-friendly gardening. When I was little, I loved working in my grandpa's garden. Now I realize it wasn't about the garden...it was about the time we spent together.

5. Paint Your House

This is Mark Daniels' suggestion. If you need help, Mark says he enjoys painting houses.

Oh, and one more thing to do this weekend:

6. Wish my parents, George & Barbara Wiens of Great Falls, a happy 56th wedding anniversary (Saturday).