I was at the Heritage Center last evening (Tuesday) reading "Montana History" and we are fast approaching the end of "The Place Of Belonging", Jayne Pearson Faulkner's true life story of growing up with no father in 1940's Great Falls and then moving to a Conrad area farm (15 miles out of Conrad) when her mom marries into a longtime Conrad area farming family (Gundersons). We have about 9 pages left to go and this truly is another book that one hates to see come to an end. What a beautiful engaging story of a much kinder, gentler way of life back when neighbors were friends and family was top priority. Life was much slower, and if you ask me, way better! I would strongly encourage you to pick up this book at your earlier convenience. I suggest googling Carmichael Publishing on the internet or simply "The Place of Belonging". Many Conrad area names/families are brought up in the book that are familiar to many of us, including a mention of the old Arnot's in Conrad. I'm sure you'll recognize many Conrad area family names from that era (1940's and 50's) along with some old businesses (the Dollhouse Beauty Salon), churches, and neighborhoods down in Great Falls. And if you're like me, I'm the Puffman, Jayne's book will cause you to think about "YOUR place of belonging". There's a "place of belonging" for all of us, some of us just have to work longer and harder to find it. Jane Pearson Faulkner did and the title really resonates throughout the book. See you next Tuesday evening at 6 at the Heritage Center for the conclusion.