Today is Tuesday and that means that I have the opportunity to read Montana History this evening at 6 at the Marias Heritage Center. We just finished Lenore McKelvey Puhek's (it rhymes with Buick and her car is FINALLY out of the repair shop!) "Forever Friends". So good, I might read it again! Last week we started a book that I believe is going to be really good. It's Jayne Pearson Faulkner's story of life on a Conrad farm through the eye of a young girl who found her place there 60 years ago. Title of this beautiful presentation is "The Place Of Belonging"-A Memoir. We are only on page 17 and this tome describing moving from Great Falls, where Faulkner's world was limited to a few blocks around her grandmother's house, to the farm where her world was as big as Big Sky Country itself has completely captured my attention and imagination. Faulkner's pop abandoned her mom before she could even break the news of her pregnancy. Jayne grew up knowing people thought differently of her. Like Ruth McLaughlin in "Bound Like Grass", as Faulkner traveled the world, the Conrad farm remained an anchor. This is indeed, a book that many of us can relate to. As Faulkner says, "I hope readers gain a little insight into that period and that there is a place of belonging for everyone, though finding it is not always easy". No worries here. I'm the Puffman and all I have to do is find my way up to the Marias Heritage Center tonight at 6 right after I get done doing the Puffman Show. Looking forward to Montana History at the Heritage tonight.