Last Tuesday evening, I was enjoying a barbecue STEAK dinner at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. This evening (Tuesday), I'll be back at the Heritage Center, only tonight I'll be STAKING out an easy chair in their sun room to read more Montana History. It begins at 6 tonight and I'll be continuing with the story of that lady doctor in frontier Montana, "Pioneer Doctor-The Story of a Woman's Work". We are about 3/4 through this great read by Mari Grana, who's the granddaughter of our protagonist, Dr. Mary (Mollie) Babcock Atwarer, a medicine woman who found freedom and opportunity in the wide open spaces of America's frontier west. This woman had strong opinions back before women were allowed to have opinions. It was a different time, a far different era, and I'm looking forward to reading more Montana History. See you this evening at the Marias Heritage Center where the livin' really is easy! Call Judy Richman for a tour of this spacious assisted/retirement living facility. If nothing else, you'll get a free lunch out of the deal and their meals are first class.