I can't really send a letter to MY mom unless I would "forward" it in care of the Hillcrest Lawn Mausoleum down in Great Falls! That's not going to stop me from giving away the book, created by Lisa Erspamer, "A Letter to My Mom" this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 on Puffman Musical trivia. Heartwarming, funny, inspiring, & full of love-our relationships with our moms are complicated, powerful, & one of a kind. In this 3rd installment of the "A Letter to My"...series (following "A Letter to My Dog" & "A Letter to My Cat", contributors share letters of love, gratitude, connection, & even conflict to the women whom they call mom. Filled with deeply personal stories of love, loss, anger, silliness, hardship, & memories, "A Letter to My Mom" is a tribute to the women who shape us into the people we become. I have become "The Puffman." See you this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia where the 1st caller in with the correct answer to my musical trivia question, WINS the book. Check out this book from Crown Archetype in New York at: www.crownpublishing.com, & then listen to WIN at 4:35 THIS afternoon. I've come up with a musical trivia question about one of my favorite female singing groups from the 1960's!