This morning (Wednesday), I received the monthly precipitation report for all of 2012 from the Knees & I found it most interesting looking back over the past year. LAST January .22 was recorded, only .10 in February, .67 in March with the HIGHEST total for the year in April pouring in at 2.73! May & June were good also with 1.90 & 1.57 respectively. Hot dry weather during July & August contributed to only .72 readings for both months. September was the lowest of the year with only .04. October was a horse of a different color with a whopping 2.04 while November clocked in with a .70 & only a .27 in December. This all adds up to a yearly total for 2012 of 11.68. It goes without saying that agriculture has to be one of the biggest gambles in the world & we certainly appreciate ALL our area farm producers here in the Golden Triangle.