I'll be going back up to the Heritage Center here in Shelby this evening to read Montana History to the "regulars". We'll commence chapter 7 tonight in our book detailing the Mann Gulch Fire of 1949. Thus far, Mark Matthews' tome has laid the groundwork, the foundation, the back story for this tragic fire that claimed the lives of 13 Montana firefighters.Thus far, we've gotten some background on the individual men who responded to this raging wildfire. It wasn't really until 1999, the 50th anniversary of this fire, that people began to talk openly about Mann Gulch. The testimony of the three men who made it out alive is also contained in this page turner. The overall result is a moment-by-moment, heart-stopping re-creation of events. I haven't been this excited since I realized that sooner or later, we really would get out of the Yaak and never have to come back. I'm looking forward to this evening's reading and of course to seeing all the residents of this beautiful assisted living facility. I've said and blogged it before, but it is my fervent hope that the residents enjoy having me come up to share some Montana history as much as I enjoy being there. See you all tonight at 6 Do I smell something burning?