Imagine my surprise last week when I read an article from the Associated Press concerning my friend Bill Yenne (his last name rhymes with penny). Bill's a Montana native and makes his home in San Francisco these days. He's the son of a former Glacier National Park guide and trails supervisor. Yenne's been a guest on the Puffman Show as he's a world famous author and historian. I've also had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with Bill down at the Griddle in Shelby. Bill's asking the U.S. Board of Geographic Names to name an unnamed peak in Glacier National Park after his father, William J. Yenne (his last name also rhymes with penny). Bill's pop was born in 1908 and worked in the park for many years. He passed away back in 1994. The U.S. Board of Geographic Names has a policy of not creating new names in wilderness areas according to the Associated Press but young Bill is asking the board to make an exception. At present the Montana State Library is seeking public comments on this request. I think it looks pretty good because Bill has George Ostrom on his side and with George on your side, how can you go wrong! Senator Max Baucus has written a letter of support also and says "naming this peak "Yenne Peak" (it also rhymes with penny) would be a fitting tribute to a native Montanan, and a good friend, who devoted his life to Glacier National Park and this corner of Montana". Me? I'm the Puffman and I supporting this "Yenne Peak" idea myself. We'll find out more at 4:35 this afternoon when Bill joins us long distance live from San Francisco.