I'll be up at the Marias Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) at 6 o'clock, reading more "Montana History" & continuing with our current read, "Glacier From the Inside Out: Best stories from The Inside Trial" edited by Ray Djuff & Chris Morrison, a truly delightful presentation. "Montana History" reading at the Heritage Center is certainly a "nice thing", a wonderful idea & to be honest, I can't remember how long I've been taking part. It seems like 4 or 5 years, & although I didn't come up with the idea (I'm the Puffman), what a wonderful thing this is for the residents up at the Heritage. It's been more than a "fun experience" for me...it's been truly educational & it's made me wonder why I didn't pay more attention in history back in high school. I'm not having a wonderful opportunity to learn so much about the history of our "home state". Although "history" is fascinating in general for most of us, "Montana History" is "quite the story" & downright amazing in so many ways. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 6 for "Montana History" at the Marias Heritage Center. By the way, I suspect that we should be finishing up our book this evening & then next week, it's on to another tome on the history of our Treasure State...a state full of TREASURES!