Elizabeth Taylor: A Passion For Life is the hardback book I'm giving away this afternoon on Puffman Trivia and the author of the book, Joseph Papa, will be my special guest today at 4:35. Papa's a publicist and writer living in New York City and his book covers the time Elizabeth Taylor appeared in National Velvet at the age of 12 back in 1944 until her death last month. The book provides an insightful, colorful look at the legend in her own words and there's more than 30 gorgeous (depending on your taste, I'm no Elizabeth Taylor fan and never was) images of the woman throughout her life and career. The only positive thing I can say about this pampered poodle is that she must had been an eternal optimist considering all the times she was married. I'm not sure who holds the record, her or Larry King. If you're a Liz Taylor fan you'll enjoy the interview this afternoon plus have a chance to win the book. See you at 4:35.