It the 5th annual "Cops 4 Kids" flag football benefit game this Friday night at 6 at the Valier High School football field. It's been a blast the last four years and this Friday night is already promising the same. Again this year, they're having a raffle for whip cream pies to use on your favorite law enforcement officer. If you are afraid of the long arm of the law, you can cash in your winning raffle ticket for a $15 gift certificate to Cowboy Designs. This is a neat way to raise money and have a lot of fun doing so. Game admission is $5 for adults (18 and over), $3 for students (6 to 17 years of age), and for the young fries under 5, it's FREE. It pays to be a kid these days. The raffle tickets are a good deal too. They're 3 for a dollar or you can get 20 tickets for only $5! The weather looks great and this is a really nice way to spend a fun summer evening. See you tomorrow (Friday) night at the Valier High School football field at 6. I'm thinking of getting one of those whip cream pies and throwing it at our local jailer, Happy Jack!