Yesterday, Wednesday, on one of my Puffman Blogs, I mentioned Conrad area farmer Gary Gollehon & his snake dilemma over at the Gollehon Place 30 miles east of Brady in the Knees area. This morning, Thursday, I received a report from Gary informing me that "the good woman", Becky, killed a rattler there 3 days ago. She encountered the poisonous American snake with it's horny rings at the end of it's tail while she was going to get the mail. So much for home delivery! Gary tells me that earlier this spring, the Fritz family had a virtual plethora of snakes; 14 in 1 day(!) & 12 of them were whacked in the Fritz yard. Joe Fritz (Gary's son-in-law) also had 2 cows & 4 calves bitten by snakes & they all survived after 3 days of shots. I'm getting so nervous writing this Puffman Blog that I think I need a shot! Farmer Gollehon says it's getting close to "Miller Time" & that the millers should be returning from the mountains to lay their eggs. I worry about our own Grover Gopher out in the fields in all his travels these days. BE CAREFUL Grover!!. It's all part of living out here under the Big Sky.