Once again this Christmas eve, both KSEN AM 1150 and KZIN K 96 FM will be broadcasting the "Spirit of Christmas Eve". It's a wonderful presentation and will commence this Christmas Eve, Saturday evening at 8. Mike Dean is the regular host...he's been doing it for more than a quarter of a century...and hearing Mike on the radio on Christmas Eve is as regular as enjoying a hearty glass of eggnog! Earlier in the day, our KSEN/K 96 phone lines will be open (434 5241) and we encourage you to call in and share your most favorite memories. We'll record those memories and play them back and share them with our Christmas Eve audience during Saturday evening's actual broadcast. Mike, whom I referred to as "The Dean of Good Broadcasting" for the almost 14 years I have been here, has some real special features he plays, along with the greatest Christmas music of all time. I'm hoping he'll have the NORAD folks tracking jolly old St. Nick this year. I enjoy it every year I hear it and all I can say is, "I'm sure glad someone invented radar...I wonder if it was Al Gore"! Mike also has a GREAT Paul Harvey feature that he plays and shares with the Christmas Eve radio audience. In short, all I can say is, "crank the tube down and turn er' up (the radio of course), and enjoy the most special evening of the year. And Mike, in my eyes, you really are the "Dean of Good Broadcasting". I'll be listening.