That's how chapter 20 begins in Lenore McKelvey Puhek's "No Time for Tears" & that the chapter we'll be starting tonight (Tuesday) at Montana History up at the Heritage Center. Letters, diaries, photographs, souvenir programs, carefully preserved over the years, has provided the research as Lenore dove headfirst into a family heirloom trunk to bring us this splendid sequel to "Forever Friends." We're more than half way through "No Time for Tears" at the Heritage & already 5 years have passed quickly. Dr. Amelia has pulled up stakes in Montana & returned to her roots in Virginia. These years of separation will stretch to 25 years (!) before it's all over. There remain many questions to be answered: Will Joseph learn how to milk a cow? Will he return to his "Virginia life" or will he decide to return to his roots? Will the Mutchniks have any half price sales at their mercantile store? AND, will Lenore forgive me for the crazy picture I posted on my previous blog on "No Time for Tears?" We'll find out more tonight when I read more Montana History at the Marias Heritage Center. I'll see you at 6 o'clock sharp. Lenore Pukek's "No Time for Tears" is available by writing to Lenore mcKelvey Puhek at P.O.Box 6002 in Helena, 59601 or calling 406 443 2552. Visit Lenore on email at: (she's IS available for public speaking).She'll answer you as soon as she gets out of her family heirloom trunk!