My special guest this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35PM on the Puffman Show was an active and healthy 49 year old who suddenly faced the treat of having only three months to live when she was diagnosed with stage IV throat and neck cancer. And even worse, the semi-professional singer was told she may never sing again. WRONG! Just 22 months after her diagnosis, she sang the National Anthem before a sell-out crowd of 35,000 Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway Park. She's Denise DeSimone who's recounted her journey in her new memoir, "From Stage IV to Center Stage". Through all the hard and harsh news today, DeSimone's story is one of hope and I'll be giving away a copy of her book right after this afternoon's interview. I haven't read the book yet but one reader says, "The richness of life comes through as DeSimone describes her journey in a way that makes it a lesson for us all. The lessons in this book are ones worth sharing with the world, whether you are a cancer survivor or not. Stay present to love. What a present this book is." I'm looking forward to welcoming Denise to the Puffman Show this afternoon and I invite you to tune in.