I received a report this morning (Tuesday) that the Texas harvest is finished and the custom guys have arrived in Oklahoma. Last week I blogged about the paperwork problem these guys were having with crossing the border and all, but it's my understanding that the customs bureaucrats gave them permission to go, providing they report back to the border by the 25th. 2.5 inches of rain and some damaging hail has been reported in the Clinton, Oklahoma area. Some of the cutters in the hailed area are loading and moving on north, as the hail left nothing to harvest! It has rained all the way from Fort Benton to just north of Sharon Springs, Kansas. The crops reportedly look good out in Kansas, but need some moisture and cooler weather. Around Tribune, the winter wheat looks good, where the farmers have it on a 2 year rotation, but the summer fallow/milo/winter wheat rotation looks quite tough. Further south in Kansas, around the Syracuse (which is only 34 miles south of Tribune), the crops look real tough. The irrigated wheat is not too bad either, but the pivot corners are so dry that they didn't even head! One of the custom guys says that he doubts that the dry-land will even be harvested in that area. I didn't ask him how the Texas crops yielded, since he didn't harvest there, but had hired his new combines hauled to Texas from the factory in Nebraska. Guess how much that costs: $12,000! Now he is hauling them to Oklahoma. Reports of harvest in the Clinton area were anywhere from 30 to 35 bushels per acre. I'm not a farmer (I'm the Puffman) but I think it is most interesting to check out what's happening down south, as sooner or later, we'll experiencing and going through our own harvesting season here in the Golden Triangle. Let's pray for a good year this year and of course, in all the years to come.