I received a report this morning (Thursday) from Tall-Todd, the custom cutting fellow. Todd has been cutting up north in Alberta & he says Alberta province has "pretty much been cut out". There IS some winter wheat being seeded, but the drought is ongoing up there also. The talkative-Todd says that diesel was $1.12 per liter with gas being $1.21. The wheat board has 40% of the elevator space currently tied up & most of the farmers are choosing to haul their production locally, rather than coming across the border. The farmers are paid in full for their commodities, instead of the old way of a partial payment with the remainder sometime in the future. (reminds me of Wimpy in the Popeye cartoons asking for "a hamburger today, I'll pay you tomorrow"! However, this way of marketing will continue, depending on how many rail cars are available & how empty the elevators are. The tenacious Todd is contemplating taking a combine down to Denver to harvest dry land corn. The Denver farmer will furnish the corn head (a new 12 row corn head retails at a hundred grand), but currently the corn moisture is too high & it also depends on the yields, which are not real impressive, due to the drought. While waiting, our custom cutter friend is trucking cattle to Hiram, Utah. And so goes agriculture for this week on my Puffman Blog.