It's the 19th annual Heart Butte Celebration kicked off today (Thursday) and continues through Sunday. It looks like the whole community's involved all weekend long. Earl Old Person is sharing the master of ceremonies chair along with Jay St. Goddard, Paul McEvers, and Arnold Calf Boss Ribs. This year's Heart Butte Princess is Monique Cross Guns with Elizabeth Still Smoking as Junior Princess and the Tony Tot Princess this 19th annual celebration is in honor of Aiyanna Goggles. The !st Grand Entry is scheduled this evening (Thursday) at 7 and all veterans are invited to take part in the grand entries. The Heart Butte stickgame tournament is offering $10,000 in prize money this year and if that's not enough to get you to Heart Butte, you ain't heard nothing yet! There's concession stands, card game tents, giveaways, dance specials, a non-contest drum paid out daily, The Crazy Dogs take on the Veterans during the annual stickgame on Sunday during the break. The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council will be well represented by Willie. A. Sharp, Jr., Peter Tatsey, T.J. Show, Reis Fisher, Henry Butterfly, Jay St. Goddard, Jay Wells, Paul McEvers, and Shannon J. Augare. Arena directors include Grinnell Day Chief, Gary Comes At Night, Mike Comes At Night, and Clarence Comes At Night. In honor of Aiyanna Armajo Goggles, $500 and a Pendleton jacket are the !st place prize in the womens' 18 & over fancy shawl dance special with $300 & $200 2nd and 3rd place prizes respectively. The Running Crane softball tournament's going on also. What else can I say. To me, this 19th annual celebration looks to be the BEST ever. See you in Heart Butte this weekend.