That's what I like to say when I'm spinning all the "Good As Gold" tunes on my Puffman afternoon program & yesterday afternoon (Thursday), Joan Bird, the author of the neat new book on MONTANA UFO's, was my special guest. Joan, author of "Montana UFO's AND Extraterrestrials" tells me that she'll be doing some book signing this weekend down in Great Falls. Joan will be at Walmart from 1 until 3 this Saturday afternoon & then out at Malmstrom AFB BX (Base Exchange) from 4 until 6. I'm not sure how she'll get from the Walmart on Smelter Road out to the base so fast, but perhaps she'll be hitching a ride on one of those UFO's. This Sunday, Joan will be signing her books at Barnes & Noble at Market Place in Great Falls.. It's a cool read & Joan was a fascinating & most interesting guest yesterday afternoon. I encourage you to catch up with her this weekend & pick up a signed copy of the book. And don't forget, my name is listed in the "Acknowledgments" section, bottom of page #7. I'm the Puffman.