As I mentioned last week in the Puffman blog, we finished the book "Forever Friends" last evening (Tuesday) at the Marias Heritage Center during our Montana History get together. "Forever Friends" is the journey of two families from Civil War Virginia to Montana Territory taking place during 1860 to 1868. Helena native and award winning author Lenore McKelvey Puhek, has, in my opinion, come up with her best book yet in her three part series of books featuring pioneer women. I hope that she never quits! I'm not going to give the ending away but I will say this. Southern bell Amelia Martin who was in love with Jeremiah Hicks, former Confederate soldier woman-Josie, and the affable Jeremiah Hicks all end up in Montana Territory (Helena, Last Chance Gulch) at the same time. By the way, we found out that Jeremiah's parents had moved up to the Sweetgrass area to homestead. Since Jeremiah and Amelia had their friendship/romance, Jeremiah had escaped from the Army, Joseph who turned out to be a woman named "Josie" had married Jeremiah and given birth to his son, and Amelia had gone to medical school and married a doctor (he was killed soon after the wedding) and was "with child" in Helena. I'm the Puffman and I'm more than intuitive and I realize that there is one to many in this deal unless a new edition of "Three's Company" is on the drawing boards and I don't think that's was the case back in 1868. I won't spoil the ending for you (it came as a shock to me) but I WILL say this: One of the three main characters gets killed in the final pages of this fascinating read. My only two hopes right now are that: (1) you will go out and buy this book, you can order it from Lenore at P.O. Box 6002, Helena, Mt. 59504 and she'll pay postage and personally autograph it for you and (2), Lenore will put her nose to the grindstone and come up with the sequel as soon as possible! She's a wonderful writer and has such a nice way of telling a story. I will remember this book long after I have read it.