Audie at the Shelby Chamber of Commerce does a great job in keeping everyone in the loop on events happening around the area.  Here's an event that she recently brought to our attention.... a letter for our Mayor concerning Arbor Day.

To: Shelby Service Organizations, 4-H Clubs, and Scouts
From: City of Shelby
Re: Arbor Day Cleanup Activities
It's that time of year again when communities throughout the nation dust off their shovels and rakes and participate in Arbor Day activities that improve neighborhoods, brighten city parks, clean roadways and foster care and concern for the communities in which they live.

On behalf of the City of Shelby, I am encouraging and asking all service organizations and clubs  to step forward and participate in an Arbor Day project. I am hoping that each club may select a city park, baseball field area, fence line, roadway or other area of the community that needs
cleaning. Lorette Carter, Community Economic Development Director will create a sign-up list for all area organizations to designate an area they would like to clean. I ask that you call her at 424-8799 or e-mail shbcdc(a)3rivers.netin the next few weeks as April 29, 2011 is proclaimed
Arbor Day in Shelby.

I know schedules do not allow for all cleanups to take place on that day,
but the city would greatly appreciate your participation as your schedule allows.  Together we can all make Shelby a great place to live, work and raise our families.
Larry J. Bonderud, Mayor
City of Shelby

So let's all do our part and help Spring clean Shelby.