I received some good news early this week from Jim Anderson down at Grizzly Sports in Choteau. Jim, by the way, joins me every Monday morning about a quarter to 7 on both KSEN AM and KZIN FM-K 96. Jim tells me that he has received some more copies of T. J. Fanning's "Back on the Front". It's a "coffee table" type book and Toni has put together a beautiful presentation. She was a guest on the Puffman Show back in December. Sales of her book went swiftly and several weeks ago, there were NO copies to be had ANYWHERE. What can I say about the book! It particularly resonates with any Montanan and especially those of us who love, enjoy, and appreciate the Rocky Mountain Front and who doesn't! I think sometimes those of us fortunate enough to live in Montana tend to take our surroundings for granted. This book sold like hotcakes and Jim ran out several weeks back but now he has a new supply in and ready for sale. Jim Anderson is a real and true Montanan and although we disagree politically, I sense we DO agree on the problems we as a nation are facing, but we disagree as to how to arrive at solutions. I mean, what can you say, I was driving behind him in a parade in Dutton one time, he was driving a Tea Party float and I kept veering to the LEFT. In all seriousness, it is a spectacular book, I'm not sure how many Jim has or even how many are around, but I would suggest that you reserve your copy today at Grizzly Sports. Jim's store is a wonderful taste of Montana and Grizzly Sports is one of the Montana businesses that help make Montana and especially this area of Montana what it is.
T.J. Fanning's "Looking Back on the Front" is a real Montana keepsake and is a welcome addition to any bookshelf.