Easter gets its name from a Pagan goddess Eostra, the Saxon goddess of the dawn and of spring. This is not to be confused with Charlie Sheen's goddess's. It's simply an unusual Easter fact from the famous Ripley collection and this afternoon at 4:35, Ed Meyer from Ripley's Believe It or Not will be my special guest on the Puffman Show. Edward's been with Ripley's for over 30 years traveling around the world collecting unusual stories and unbelievable artifacts to fill Believe It or Not(!) books and museums. The man is a walking encyclopedia of information, some strange, some gross--but all true! This afternoon we'll talk about the unusual Easter facts and religious items in the Ripley collection. Did you know that Easter Sunday was celebrated in Old England by leaving every window and door in homes open so the Easter sun would drive out evil spirits. Here on the Puffman Show, we just leave the back door to the bomb shelter open and so far it seems to be working. Ripley's Believe It or Not(!) at 4:35 this afternoon.