It's time to start really thinking about a plan for Father's Day.  I'm here to help you out with our top five best places to take Dad on Father's Day in North Central Montana:

#1 Best Place to Take Dad:

It's not quite Father's Day yet, but tonight would be a great opportunity to take Dad to Ringside Ribs in Shelby where the Bobcat Tailgate party is being held at 5pm. A chance to talk Bobcat Football, have a beer and watch the last Cat/Griz game. Does it get any better than that??

#2 Best Place to Take Dad:

Fishing!  Forget about that tacky tie for Father's Day and take Dad fishing instead. This year, Montana is offering the gift of free fishing for all over Father's Day weekend.

#3 Best Place to Take Dad:

Golfing!  Hey - maybe the weather will co-operate and you can take dad out to Marias Valley for a great day golfing together. Better get that Tee Time soon!

#4 Best Place to Take Dad:

Baseball - The Great Falls Voyagers don't have a game scheduled ON Father's Day, but you could give him the promise to take him to the game of his choosing!  Check out the schedule of the Voyagers.

#5 Best Place to Take Dad:

The back yard - it sounds so simple!  My dad always loved it when his kids did something WITH him as opposed to something FOR him.  A back yard BBQ is a great Father's Day celebration.  Just spend the day, hanging out with Dad!  He'll love you (even more) for it.