This could be better than winning the state lottery! My guest Thursday afternoon on the Puffman show says there $33 billion  (with a B) out there on state unclaimed property sites waiting to be claimed by the the rightful owners or heirs. By the way, the "h" in heirs is silent meaning you don't pronounce it like "hair"... as in "The Puffman seems to be losing his hair". Getting back to that $33 billion (with a B), my Thursday guest will be Mary Pitman who's an award-winning journalist and registered nurse who gets a kick out of helping people find unclaimed money or property that the government is holding for them. I already checked and there's nothing for me but a registered letter from the IRS(!) but this Pitman woman found three or four places in Shelby that have money coming. Pitman has also listened to the radio station (thanks to our steaming) and says that she likes the music so things can't be all that bad...we've still got our pickups and a roof over our heads as Bob used to say.  Tune in Thursday afternoon at 4:35 and see if your name is somewhere in that $33 billion (with a B).