He has no sight but he certainly has "Insight." I'm blogging about Conrad's Dale Sheldon, & we should be getting into Dale Sheldon's 1st & fantastic book, "Who Lost; The Autobiography Of A Blind Man With Great Vision" tonight (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center. It's "Montana History" again this evening at the Heritage & we'll be concluding Lenore McKelvey Puhek's 4th historical novel, "No Time for Tears", drying our tears & moving on to Sheldon's saga. I know Dale personal & I can't wait to read his story..."Who Lost" is getting rave reviews all over our Golden Triangle. See you tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP at the Heritage for Tuesday evening Montana History. Check out Dale's "Who Lost" from OutskirtsPress.com at north central Montana area book outlets, Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble.com. I wouldn't be surprised to see ol' Dale show up on C-Span some weekend!