I'll be starting a new book this evening (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. For tonight, I've chosen a book that my friend, Marie Ostrem, recently passed along to me. The book is "The Hi-Line: Profiles Of A Montana Land" authored by Daniel N. Vichorek. Whenever I select a book for "Montana History" at the Heritage, I always check out the "index section" to see what's in it & what it's all about, & you can imagine my surprise when I saw our Shelby Mayor Dr. Larry J. Bonderud's name listed on page 100 of this Hi-Line read. I immediately turned to page 100 & as sure as I'm the Puffman, there's entire paragraph written on Mayor Lar! You could have blown me over with a feather! I think that I'm still ahead of Larry though, because somehow I've gotten my name mentioned in TWO books to his ONE! Unless, of course, there are more that I don't know about, & Mayor Lar, being a somewhat modest man, has never mentioned anything to me. I didn't even know about this deal until  came across this high spirited Hi-Line adventure! I'm more than looking forward to reading "The Hi-Line; Profiles of A Montana Land" tonight at 6 at the Heritage Center. I think that it would be more than cool to have the ol' Mayor himself stop up to the Heritage Center when we get to page 100 of "The Hi-Line" & have him read that section, or at least that paragraph, to our group. Then again, as I said, Larry is a somewhat modest individual & I don't know if he'd go along with it. I'll ask him next Monday morning when he's on the radio & I'll see you tonight for more "Montana History" at the Marias Heritage Center. LARRY BONDERUD in a book!! WOW!!! This might even be bigger than RADIO!