It's Tuesday and that means I'm looking forward to going up to the Marias Heritage Center this evening to share some more Montana History with the residents. It looks like we'll be wrapping up Ruth McLaughlin's "Bound Like Grass" either tonight or next week. It's a truly enjoyable book and I can't wait to have Ruth McLaughlin from Great Falls on the Puffman Show some afternoon soon. You think YOU have problems, wait until you get a load of this sad saga set in Eastern Montana near Culbertson. The old saw is "things can't get much worse" but I think if Ruth would not have gotten the heck out of this place when she did, "things would have probably HAVE gotten worse"! My next book will from another Montana author and a good friend. She's Lenore McKelvey Puhek (it rhymes with Buick) from Helena. Lenore's latest book is "Forever Friends" and it's the journey of two families from Civil War Virgina to Montana Territory 1860-1868. My friend Lenore is an award winning author and this is her third book in a series featuring pioneer women. She's also the author of "The River's Edge: Thomas Francis Meagher and Elizabeth Townsend Meagher, Their Love Story" and "Annie: The Cabin in the Woods". I've read both of these books and, in my opinion, I don't see how the woman can top herself in her third tome, but I am more than anxious to dig in soon. See you this evening at the Heritage.