KSEN Athlete of the Week awards this week went to top performers from Browning and CJI.  Both players were instrumental in their team's success.

Browning is always a tough team to pick an Athlete of the Week from because they play so well as a team.   That fact can be attested to by the number of different players who score in double figures and how it's never the same one or two players.   Coach Ray Augare told us this week that he did think that Sr. Josiah Davis was deserving and we had a call from a listener to nominate him.   Davis had 12 points, 6 assists and 5 steals in the Indians Championship game win over Livingston in the Central A Divisional.

The coach told us that what Davis does best is get his teammates where they're supposed to be on offense and then gets them the ball.   He also told us that Davis is very good at creating or driving inside and making something happen.  Asked about Browning's comeback win, after being down by 12 in the second half, Coach Augare said it's all about defense.   "we switched back to man to man and just really worked alot harder."    He explained that the man-to-man they play can be dangerous because if one man gets by a defender and the others have to help, it's like a domino effect."


Good Luck to Browning in the State A Championship.  They enter the Tournament with an impressive 19-1 record.

Jenni Ghekiere of CJI was named our femalte Athlete of the Week.   The lady Hawks had a great run in the Northern C Divisional, just barely missing a shot at the consolation and maybe the State Tournament.   Ghekiere, a 5-10 Sr. was a big part of that.    She had 19 points in the opening game win over Roy-Winnifred and then came back with 12 points and 10 rebounds in the loss to Box Elder and 12 points and 10 rebounds in the one-point loss to Chinook Saturday morning.

CJI Head Coach Pat Goldhahn told us, "I was so proud of the way she played at Divisional.  She did everything we expected of her."

We were really pulling for the Lady Hawks to win at least one more there, but they did do better than last year when they lost the first game to Geraldine.    And it was  a different slot on the bracket but they had also lost to Box Elder on Friday a year ago.    Anyway, they had a great season with an overall 19-4 record.

We'll talk to you this weekend from the Northern B Divisional girls Tournament in Shelby.  I'll be mic side with partners Dean Lerum and Griff Bye.