Better yet, I'll call a cabdriver! I'll be putting through a call to Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, this afternoon (Thursday) on the Puffman Show. I'll try to get a hold of Pete around a quarter to 5 OUR time. That way, it will be the dinner hour on the east coast & the Gab Man will probably just be sitting down to dinner! (They eat later back east than we do out here). The driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge takes delight in making my life uncomfortable every time I talk with him. This gives me a chance to "get back" when I interrupt his "dinner". We call it "supper" out here! What do you think? Around a quarter to 7 is when a cabby would sit down to eat, right? I assume that once the easily gear jammer cools down that he will have another smiler for me as we conclude our conversation. Probably an "R" rated smiler again..."R" for "Ribald"! What can I say, that's New York, New York for you. See you this afternoon with the Gabby Cabby. By the way, I heard he ran into Tom Hanks & I want to ask him about that "celebrity sighting".