The most likely sports story to be talked about today comes from Oak Lawn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. John Stone wore a Green Bay Packers tie to work at a car dealership to honor his late grandmother, who was a big Packers fan and would have been happy with her team beating the Bears Sunday and making the Super Bowl. His boss, Jerry Roberts, says the dealership has done promotions with the local Chicago team and he was afraid, especially after Sunday, that potential area car buyers would have hard feelings seeing that tie and take their business elsewhere. Roberts asked Stone five times to take off the tie. Stone refused, and WAS FIRED!

The conversation on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning got heated on this topic this morning.  Mike Greenberg said that the firing was perfectly justified, and asked Mike Golic, if our boss asked Mike to take off his tie because it didn't meet the office dress code, would he? Golic thought the boss way overreacted, asking, if the company dress code was shirt and tie, didn't he meet the criteria?

I can't see Greeny's argument and why he so voiciferously stands behind, because I too think the salesman was fired without just cause, and while I'm sure if the salesman sues for wrongful termination, there will be a settlement (especially with all the media attention!), I'd love to see this go to trial and see what a judge would say!

Most of the rivalries around here are pretty friendly, but you see the intensity of big city sports rivalries. What do you think? Was the firing justified, being bad for business?