If you're reading this post that means either you're one of the lucky ones whose internet is still working or the fiber optic line that was cut near Vaughn has been repaired.
it's times like these that we're reminded how dependent we are on the internet and other technology.
I was able to get some work done this afternoon but only because my computer was still on. Without it I'm not sure what I would have done.
We were on here we just didn't have much to talk about. Without an internet connection we can check the news wire, there are no financial reports, even the ortho northern ag comes to us through the Internet.
We did have the news of the cut cable!
I suppose we could have used are smartphones to access the Internet. The tiny keyboard is kind of a pain though.
At any rate, we're glad to be back and were glad you're back too!
We were told that cut cable will be repaired either this evening or during the night. We hope you enjoyed your unplugged time!