The infamous Punxsutawney Phil came out of his hole earlier today and predicted an early spring. I call him for Phil for short because I think "Punxsutawney" is too long a name. How about a nickname like "Punxy" or even "PX". Of course that might be confusing if you were on a military base anywhere close by.

At any rate, Phil didn't see his shadow this morning and that indicates an early spring. The famous Phil has seen his shadow 98 times and hasn't seen it 15 times since 1887. This crazy tradition traces its origins to a German superstition. I fear that a couple of old Germans may have been "over served" at their local pub and what they were seeing or not seeing was not a groundhog but a barkeep's rather large tom cat.

Speaking of seeing your shadow, I just noticed my 5 o'clock shadow so I must get showered and shaved for this afternoon's Puffman Program. As far as groundhogs are concerned, treat them like a brother but watch them like a hawk. In other words, DON'T TRUST THEM!