How Do U Talk Like The Puffman
One way would be by reading the book, "Voice Acting For Dummies! Stephanie Ciccarelli & David Ciccarelli, Founders,, have come up with a "book for dummies" to learn how to: get into character, create a demo, prepare for an audition, & land their …
Make Me Laugh
This guy has made all of us laugh for years...he's show business legend, Carl Reiner, & Carl is going to be joining me Monday afternoon on Puffman Show at 4:30. Carl's written a beautiful memoir, "I Remember Me" which recounts his life in & out of the entertainment business, & …
10 Awkwardly Hilarious Proposal Fails
February 14th is upon us, so it's time to whip out all the lovey dovey cliches, y'all. We're talking about the stuff we expect on V-Day-- the chocolates, roses and, of course, the proposal stories. It's a pretty cute idea to propose to your significant other on the most romantic …
Everybody’s Doing the Harlem Shake
Of all the things people make videos of themselves doing, we have to say this is probably our favorite. It's more entertaining than planking, and doing a Google image search for it isn't nearly as traumatizing as it was for milking. These days everybody's doing the Harlem Shake.
The Best Super Bowl 2013 Memes
Last night's Super Bowl was certainly eventful. What with the power outage and the Beyonce's thighs, there were many jokes to be made. And joke the internet did. Some took to Twitter, others prefer more visual tactics. Here is their work. The best Super Bowl XLVII memes on the web.

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