See the Cast of ‘Titanic’ Then and Now
Like many, you’re probably headed to the theater this weekend to relive the romance, action and weepy Celine Dion ballads in ‘Titanic 3D.’ The return of one of the biggest motion pictures of all time is also a chance to return to a simpler time. No, not 1912. We…
The Ultimate Photobomb?
(Manuel Ramirez'Crater News Agency)You've got the perfect angle, the perfect light, everyone's smiling, and just as you press the shutter button, someone...or something...jumps into the shot and spoils the photo. It's called Photobombing, and like most fads, I'm probably the…
9 Fun and Creative Easter Egg Designs
If holidays at your home were anything like ours, then your fondest memories of Easter (aside from a heavy dinner followed by copious amounts of chocolate and Peeps) revolve around decorating eggs, especially with Paas kits and those impossibly messy dye tablets. Remember those?
Etch-A-Sketch Responds to Mitt Romney Gaffe
Last week, Mitt Romney‘s campaign adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, likened his candidate’s plan to retool and change message once he secured the GOP nomination to the classic toy the Etch-A-Sketch. “You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again,” Fehrnstrom said during the now notorious CNN inter…
10 Strange Coca-Cola Flavors From Around the World
The story of the world’s most famous soft drink goes that Dr. John Pemberton concocted the original mixture that would become the Coca-Cola beverage we all know over a fire in the backyard of his Atlanta home on March 29th, 1886. He envisioned it as a cure for a hangover.
10 Hilarious ‘Mad Men’ Memes
‘Mad Men’ returned on Sunday after a nearly two-year absence, beginning its long-awaited fifth season with the revelation that Don Draper had married his secretary, Megan. (Admit it — you watched the entire episode while “Draping.”)
To celebrate the return of America’s favorite chain-smoking, liquor-…
Angelina Jolie Responds to ‘Jolieing’ Leg Meme
This year’s Oscars was a rather dull affair. The only saving grace came from actress Angelina Jolie, and her right leg, which she exposed through the slit black dress she wore on the big night. The resulting leg pose gave us, and the internet, enough inspiration to poke fun. It also …

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