Local Meeting Notice
The Toole County Mental Health Advisory Board will be meeting at noon today (Thursday) out at Ringside Ribs. There'll be a discussion on a resource guide for mental health for the school, a determination on what needs to be addressed 1st on the CHIP, & plans for the Suicide Memorial Wal…
Montanans In Crisis
Montana governor, Steve Bullock, is introducing a NEW crisis service prevention tool that will allow those in crisis to access HELP through test messaging. The Crisis Text Line offers 24/7 access to crisis counselors through a familiar format that's especially appealing to youth: TEXT MESS…
At Your Service
The service officer for the Veterans Affairs Division will be visiting our Golden Triangle today & tomorrow. The officer will be here in Shelby this morning (Wednesday) up at the Toole County Courthouse from 9:30 to 11:30, & then a stop in Cut Bank this afternoon from 1 until 3 o&apo…
Preparation Is What It’s About
The Blackfeet Tribe will be holding a PRE Disaster Mitigation Plan meeting NEXT Tuesday morning, the 17th & everyone is more than welcome to attend. The meeting will take place at 10 o'clock SHARP over at the Blackfeet Tribal Conference room. Re...
Walk Don’t Run
And, have some FUN on Puffman Musical Trivia this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35. It's a "HEAVY" book in more ways than one that I'll be giving away this afternoon to the 1st caller with the correct answer to my musical trivia question. The book, which appears to weigt close to 5 pounds, is &q…
Governor Bullock Releases Tax Returns
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Gov. Steve Bullock has released 10 years of federal tax returns, partly to draw distinctions between himself and his Republican opponent, Greg Gianforte, in his bid for re-election.
From 2005 to 2014, the governor and his wife reported $1.6 million in income, including $157…
Free Access to Votes!
Montana's June 7th primary is coming up quickly and while much attention has been focused on the Presidential nominations, what really matters is what happens here at home.   KSEN is offering all local candidates running for State or County offices to schedule an interview and let the…
Unofficial Results of Local School Elections (Updated)
Browning - District #9

Trustee Election - 3 Year Term - One elected:

James Running Fisher: 211
Wendy Bull Child: 139
Anthony "Tony" Carlson: 125
Lesli Munro: 113
Maynard "Bear" Gallineaux: 85

Trustee Election - 1 Year Term - Two elected:

James Evans: 270
Kristy Lynn Salway: 252
Lockley J. …
What Happens Now? Glacier County Treasurer
As we're sure you've  heard by now, the recall petition in Glacier County against Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs was successful. So, now what happens?
Well, we've done a little research and here's what we found. #1 the election results are "unofficial" until the c…
Glacier County Votes to Recall Treasurer
According to the Cut Bank Pioneer Press:
Glacier County voters have recalled Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs! The unofficial results from the election were announced shortly before 4:30 a.m. Thank you Elaine Mitchell for relaying the news...

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