Unofficial Results of Local School Elections (Updated)
Browning - District #9

Trustee Election - 3 Year Term - One elected:

James Running Fisher: 211
Wendy Bull Child: 139
Anthony "Tony" Carlson: 125
Lesli Munro: 113
Maynard "Bear" Gallineaux: 85

Trustee Election - 1 Year Term - Two elected:

James Evans: 270
Kristy Lynn Salway: 252
Lockley J. …
What Happens Now? Glacier County Treasurer
As we're sure you've  heard by now, the recall petition in Glacier County against Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs was successful. So, now what happens?
Well, we've done a little research and here's what we found. #1 the election results are "unofficial" until the c…
Glacier County Votes to Recall Treasurer
According to the Cut Bank Pioneer Press:
Glacier County voters have recalled Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs! The unofficial results from the election were announced shortly before 4:30 a.m. Thank you Elaine Mitchell for relaying the news...
Trump, Biden to attend University of Pennsylvania graduation
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be attending the same University of Pennsylvania graduation ceremony, but not for political reasons.
They'll be in the audience as parent and grandparent.
The Republican presidential candidate's daughter Tiffany Trump and the vice president's grandda…
It’s Been A While – Local Schools ask for Levies
Both Cut Bank and Shelby schools are asking for approval for a levy this year and voters are headed to the polls today, May 3.
Cut Bank Schools are seeking an elementary levy for $101,184.16 and a high school levy for $27,589.88 to operate local schools in 2016-2017...
Montana’s Legislative Auditor is Retiring
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Legislative Auditor Tori Hunthausen is retiring in June after nearly 29 years with the Legislative Audit Division.
The auditor oversees and directs the independent, nonpartisan audits of state agencies, including the Montana University System...
Glacier County Commissioners Table Action, Again
(Cut Bank) – Glacier County commissioners have once again tabled taking any action on suspending Glacier County treasurer Mary Ann Boggs. Commission chairman Michael DesRosier tells KSEN news that the issue was discussed at a meeting yesterday but in the end he said the commissioners felt it was bet…
Stocks? Mutual Funds? Forget It!
Not exactly, but John Jamieson, author of the #1 Best Seller, "The Perpetual Wealth System," is out with his new tome. John's put together "Wealth Without Stocks Or Mutual Funds," & it's the ULTIMATE blueprint of little-known, powerful strat…
How Old?
OLDER than the hills, that's how old & it's that's the title of the new tome we'll start reading this evening (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. Evelyn D. Aiken, the author, says, "Best Wishes to all from the Best Place on Earth, THE …
A Trivia Contest 2 Die 4
It's all about the book that I'll be giving away this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 on Puffman Musical Trivia. Dr. Kevin J. Haselhorst, MD, a veteran emergency physician, has published "Wishes to Die For; Expanding Upon Doing Less In Advance Care Directives," & the 1st caller in this afte…

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