Van Halen Inspired Student Suspended For ‘Hot For Teacher’ Essay
An Oakland University student has faculty staff deciding if his ‘Hot For Teacher’ essay, based on the 1984 Van Halen hit of the same name,  is an example of intimidating behavior, or an example of a student following instructions. Joseph Corlett, a 56-year-old student from Orion Township, Mich. has …
Paul McCartney Visits Whitney Houston Memorial
On Monday, Paul McCartney visited a memorial to singer Whitney Houston outside of the Beverly Hills hotel that she was found dead in on Saturday night (Feb. 11). The singer and his wife Nancy Shevell laid flowers and shared a quiet moment before quickly departing the scene at the Beverly Hilton.
Journey Offer Special Valentine’s Day ‘Resonate’ Video for Fans
Journey have a very special and very awesome Valentine’s Day present for fans in the form of the new video for their song ‘Resonate’ — that is, if said fans have any interest in watching footage of Neal Schon making out with girlfriend Michaele Salahi while she’s sprawled out half-naked on the beach…
Van Halen, ‘As Is’ – Lyrics Uncovered
The story behind the lyrics to Van Halen‘s new song ‘As Is’ is more entertaining than the song itself, and that’s not a criticism of the song. In the video below, David Lee Roth explains how the song is about a car the band used in their early days and why…

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