The changing of the dial on your car radio is more dangerous than using a cell phone. That's what the Gabby Cabby says and he'll be my guest at 4:35 this afternoon and perhaps Saturday morning. Pete says as the result of last week's one day cell phone crack down, the New York City Police Department handed out more than 6,200 tickets to drivers. To be honest, I forgot to ask him about this story when I did the broadcast. The man gets me so upset that I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I did find out that it is a GOOD thing that we don't have any stop lights in Shelby. (we don't want any!) In New York City, they're cracking down on cyclists who disobey red lights in Central Park to the tune of a $270 fine for "biking through a red light". After listening to Pete "jack his jaws, it makes me more thankful than ever to live in "Small Town USA". Bob Morris DID know what he was talking about. That's it from here now.