I always enjoy talking to my conservative friend, Jim Anderson, from Grizzly Sports down in Choteau on Monday mornings. This Monday around as quarter to 7, Jim's going to give his opinion on the Heritage Act. The Grizzly Sports proprietor and GREAT Montana outdoors man, says he flat against the Heritage act because there is no appropriation for weed control and it allows the Secretary of Agriculture or Interior to control the land. Jim explains that it brings the wilderness out on the Front where it would be difficult to control and fight fires as they let them burn in the wilderness. Jim and the Greenie Liberals always seem to be at loggerheads and he strongly feels these Greenie Liberals want to stop drilling on the Front, not to mention limiting access on the Front as the Greenies support closing County Road 380. Jim cites statements in the papers that the Greenies say the wilderness should be hard to reach. It's not hard to get to Jim, he's down at Grizzly Sports in Choteau and he's on the radio with me, I'm the Puffman, every Monday morning around a quarter to 7. Shelby Mayor Larry J. Bonderud, His Worship, is in later Monday morning and Jim wants me to ask Larry when was the last time he was in the wilderness. From what I've heard, he may have been there last night during the Cinco De Mayor celebration down at the Shelby Elks! Perhaps we should have some steel cage wrestling matches with Jim and the Greenies!