My good friend, Marie Ostrem, will be filling in for me this evening (Tuesday) at the Marias Heritage Center. Marie will continue with the book that we are currently enjoying in our Tuesday evening Montana History reading. I've found it not only fascinating, but also giving me an entire new appreciation for ol' Charlie (I'll drink to that!) Russell. The book is "Behind Every Man" & it's the life story of Charlie's wife, Nancy Cooper Russell and their marriage. After only reading the first few chapters, I have taken away the impression that Nancy was the brains in the outfit, Charlie was the talent. She seemed to be a rather headstrong woman who knew what she wanted & succeeded in helping make Charlie the success he was. She writes of living in Cascade, moving into Great Falls & wanting & desiring a home on 4th Avenue North because that was "THE avenue on which to live! Now I know what went wrong with me, I was raised on the south side! However, I could see 4th Avenue North from my front porch! It's a great read & the book's available at the C.M. Russell Museum down in Great Falls & from the University of Oklahoma Press. Check it out. And Marie, thank you in advance for filling in for me tonight at the Heritage Center.