The Pondera Arts Council presents the 5th Annual Conrad Rhubarb Festival this Saturday, and there are so many classes of competition this year, it could almost be renamed the Rhubarb Olympics. (No, there isn't a photo contest, but maybe there should be.)

There is, of course, the poplar competition for the Largest Rhubarb Leaf.

There are three categories for cooks this year:

Rhubarb Pie, of course

Rhubarb Desserts of any other sort

Rhubarb Delights, which would be anything made with rhubarb that can't be called dessert.

I went in search of a great rhubarb recipe to share, and found a whole website called the Rhubarb Compendium! Click the link for recipes for rhubarb pies and cakes, cobblers, crisps and crumbles. There are recipes for rhubarb jams, jellies and breads, rhubarb sauces, salsas and salad dressings and things you didn't know you could make with rhubarb!  Check the "rhubarb stuff" category for a Norwegian Rhubarb Dessert that looks pretty wonderful. 

The Rhubarb Festival headquarters will be set up at the Lobby Restaurant on Main Street.  All competition entries must be turned in by 10:30am. While the judges are deliberating, you can visit the vendors and concessionaires' booths, enjoy the arts & crafts displays and watch the Whoop Up Days parade. The Rhubarb Festival will wrap up around 2pm, just in time to head on out to the rodeo grounds.