No, no, I'm not blogging about our Shelby mayor, Dr. Larry J. Bonderud! This morning I'm blogging about Alka Dalai's (not to be confused with ALKA Seltzer!) new book, "Creative Genius: Tips To Unleash Yours". Ashok Shah, Founder-Managing Partners-CEPS Consulting LLC Board member-Public/Private Companies says that Alka's book on "Creative Genius" is most insightful based on her true life stories. Her tips have have inspired Ashok to explore HIS journey to be a "Creative Genius" himself. I'm already a "Creative Genius"...I'm the Puffman(!), but I feel that this easy "quick-read" is a clear, concise, fast review for individual, entrepreneurs, small business owners, & professionals or just about anyone else who is looking to find their own "Creative" side & become successful. Again, to me, this is like "preaching to the choir"! Craig Duswalt, professional speaker, author & creator of the Rockstar System for Success shouts that "If you want to be a ROCK STAR in your industry, you have to live your life focused on bringing out out your "Creative Genius" & author Alka has shown you exactly how to do that in this new book. Read it, ONLY if you want to be successful"! There's quite a "back story" on this Alka woman herself...she's been in the United States for many years, worked in corporate America including AT & T for several years & has transitioned through multiple careers. She has an MA & an MS from New York University & Rutgers University. She received her own life training in becoming a creative genius as she navigated the ups & downs of life as a mother, entrepreneur & artist. After a close brush with a life threatening disease, Alka has dedicated her life to helping individual & organizations realize their own inner potential. "Creative Genius; Tips To Unleash Yours" is the 2nd edition in a series of books on "Creative Genius". I encourage you to check out this tome yourself at: As ol' Bob Norris used to say, "Not that I'm so smart"!