Some of the custom cutters might as well be singing that 70's Al Stewart tune, "On The Border". They're "waiting at the border" to head south to Vernon/Harrold, Texas. The equipment and crew are ready, the crops in Texas are ready (& have been since May 5th!), but the paper work is moving slower than molasses in January. Instead of faxing paper-work, the government is sending it UPS! Keep in mind that there are few farmers in the south that own their own combines and they rely heavily on custom-harvesters. None of the Canadians have been able to get the necessary paper work from our government. The crops that have been cut are running from 20 to 40 bushels with good quality. Further north in Oklahoma and Kansas, the crops are ripening and the farmers there are hoping for some moisture to finish off the crops. Down in Denver, there's also a good crop in the making, and that Denver crop also needs some more moisture. Speaking of's almost lunchtime and I think I am going to go out and grab a Denver Sandwich!