Sounds like a tall order to me but the authors of a new book, "How We Cured Our Colds In One Day" believe that it's possible. Dr. James Liu MD, PHD, Devin Liu, & Mary Gilligan put this short read together in their war against the common cold. Besides trying to sell a book, this threesome is also pushing the NasalCare Nasal Cleanse Kit which uses 1-way air & liquid dual-valve technology. I saw the picture of their "Advanced Nasal Irrigator"  & I guess if nothing else, this apparatus could be used to ward off zombies! I DID find some interesting info on the usual sundry cures such as chicken soup, vitamin C, zinc, & echinacea (why isn't this word in my spell check), but I believe the bottom line here is, "who knows" & although I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on the radio, I believe the ONLY "cure" is the" tincture of time".  Then again, the common cold is so miserable that one gets to the point where they'll try anything & everything, I've been placing a raw onion on my nightstand & sleeping facing due north!  Check out the book, I've found that there is usually a "grain of truth" in many things out just have to be discerning & look carefully. Just hang on to your danged wallet! Meanwhile, I've got the flu/cold & if I knew how to get rid of it, I'd write a book myself!