Known for his non-fiction works on medical evidence, Elliott Oppenheim's DEBUT novel, "Kaleidoscope" is going great guns & I'm giving the book away tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia! "Kaleidoscope", narrates 1963 high school senior Chaim Goldberg's messy & outrageous journey to manhood. He encounters the forces of the evolving civil rights movement & the East Coast's deeply felt, overt, anti-Semitism. Tottering on the brink of adulthood, he faces the torn loyalties & tough choices that will shape the man he becomes. "Kaleidoscope" portrays Chaim Goldberg's 1963 senior year in high school, in which he twists with evolving adolescent ethics in a tearing break-up from the woman he most loves: his mother. With indomitable will, he escapes a fractured family & triumphs despite his knack for making all the wrong decisions. Oppenheim sounds like a cool guy...he's a child of the 60's who grew up "Back East" & his life's path was shaped by the Vietnam War Era & the drug intoxicated 70's. AND I've come up with a neat TWO PART Puffman Sports Trivia for tomorrow morning on the Kentucky Derby. In the meantime, check out Elliott B. Oppenheim's "Kaleidoscope" from Sunstone Press. Available from, Amazon, most retailers & of course FREE tomorrow morning to the 1st caller in at 434 5241 with the correct answer to my Puffman Sports Trivia question! We'll be talking "Derby Time" tomorrow morning on sports trivia!