Word was received earlier this morning (Monday), from "Tall" Todd, one of the custom cutter guys who comes up here to the Golden Triangle every season. Todd says that he visited with producers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, & Colorado & that the conditions are DRY! Vaughn Elder, a producer in Leoti, Kansas, said that the driest year on record was 1934 (shades of the infamous Dust Bowl) & to date (last week) they are 3/4 of an inch below the record low for the calendar year, which means they have through THIS month to pick up 3/4 of an inch of precipitation to tie the record! Ken Adderholt said, in Vernon/Harrold Texas, that the winter wheat is up, but there's been no moisture since they planted it & if they turn livestock in the cattle pull the wheat up by the roots, when they graze it. Down in Oklahoma, "Lonesome" Larry Goyer is buying corn stalks to feed his cattle, as that is cheaper than hay. In Byers, Colorado, the Linnenberg's say the wheat looks good, but it's dry & they need moisture on it. I was raised in "the city", but I have to tell you, I fee; that agriculture is one of the most challenging occupations in the world. Good luck to all our area farmers!