This week's Old Fishing Hole returns tonight (Thursday) around 5:35 on our Action Packed 5 O'clock News Hour, & my fishing friends are out of order this week. Rovin' Don Groven our the Fresno fishing action is LAST & Dallas Denter from Tiber is 1st! Bob Kovatch from Lake Francis/Valier is stuck in the middle of the program. It's still going to be a really fun & informative show if you're into fishing on our area lakes & streams. Normally Groven is 1st, Dallas is 2nd, & Kovatch wraps up the program with a great joke that oftentimes, I don't understand! I would suspect that if you turn your radio upside down and/or sideways (don't do this in your vehicle while driving), everything SHOULD come out in the right order. I'm talking about AM Radio here...1150AM. I'm not sure how it will come out on our FM (K96) or on our live stream, but it's going to be another great fishing adventure for sure this weekend on our Old Fishing Hole. See you later this afternoon.