He's Paul Anka & his 1st major claim to fame, "Diana" made him a star! Anka had his own vocal group by the age of 13. & released "Diana" when he was 16! I'll be giving away his hardcover autobiography, "My Way" (with David Dalton) tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia at 7:30. It's a lively, entertaining read by one of the true legends of the music business & the "story-behind-the-story is ALL in this book. "My Way" is bursting with rich, rollicking stories of the people who have been part of Anka's life: Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Jones, Steve Wynn, Michael Jackson, Kirk Kerkorian, Adam Khashoggi, Dodi Fayed, Brooke Shields, Donald Trump, Sammy Davis, Jr., Brigitte Bardot, the acrobats in the Barnum & Bailey Circus, & many more. I'm surprised that I'm not in the book...I've been spinning his records for years! See you tomorrow morning on Puffman Sports Trivia...I'll be asking a sports trivia question about one of the infamous
Battlin" Bucs" tomorrow morning. In the meantime, check out "My Way" from St. Martin's Press & visit: www.paulanka.com.