One Saturday morning, I turned on Netflik for "noise" while I was cleaning.  I tuned in and found the series DOC MARTIN.  After watching it for a few minutes I immediately got hooked on the show.  I did manage to get some cleaning done but then decided to settle in my recliner and ended up watching two seasons......which took most of the afternoon.

Doc Martin is a British television comedy drama  filmed on location in and around the fishing village of Port Isaac, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

The show is about Portwenn's local General Practitioner Martin Ellingham, a brilliant and highly successful vascular surgeon at Imperial College London until he develops haemophobia (an extreme fear of blood) that prevents him from performing operations. After retraining as a GP, he applies for a post in the sleepy Cornish village of Portwenn, where he spent childhood holidays with his aunt.   There have been four completed series of the show and a feature-length special that first aired on Christmas Day 2006. The fifth series will be aired in 2011.

If you like British humor this is an excellent show to watch.